Our Environmental Policy

At D-Air Services we are committed to gearing our operations in a way that is mindful of the planet’s resources. We are continuously seeking out new ways to incorporate renewable energy and greener resources into our operations and that’s why our environmental policy is so important to us. D-Air Services recycles and where possible, uses biodegradable materials throughout out all sectors of the business.

In a recent interview, Antony Fletcher stated, “Due to significant advancements in air conditioning technologies, customers can purchase more efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning systems. Everybody wins – we can offer an affordable, greener option and our customers save money both in the short term and long term.”

Important information:

It is worth noting that the switch to green energy will become necessary through significant changes within the air conditioning industry.

  • By 2020, R22, the old refrigerant in central air conditioners, will be almost completely phased out and will have been replaced by R-410A.
  • In the next 2 years, manufacturers will only be able to produce R22 for already-existing equipment.
  • New central air conditioners will eventually have to use R-410A.
  • R22 is being phased out because of its negative impact on the ozone layer. It adds to global warming by damaging the ozone layer. R22 was first slated to be phased out after the 1987 Montreal Protocol due to the chlorine gas that it emits.

Customers should consider this when purchasing their air conditioning unit; all manufacturers are on schedule for the phasing out.

It’s not just our environmental policy

As you can see, these changes will have a huge impact on homes and businesses throughout the UK. That’s why it is time to make the change now. D-Air Services are committed to providing the latest technologies that conform to the most recent legislations when it comes to protecting the environment. That’s why it’s not just our environmental policy. It’s everyone’s.

Call us today to find out more and see how together, we can make a big difference.