Social responsibility

At D-Air Services there is a long standing and underlying commitment to ethical trading in the air conditioning industry. This is based on a strong belief that our business is to be both responsible and profitable. Social responsibility is not just a page on our website. It’s a commitment. It’s part of our culture. It’s about being open and honest. It’s about the future.

D-Air’s commitment to social responsibility

For us, the building of long term relationships with our employees, customers and community, is good business practice. We have always believed this, and will continue to do so. This is the founding principle of D-Air Services commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

At the first opportunity, D-Air Services announced that they have begun to change to source more efficient and greener air conditioning units. In a recent interview with our CEO and founder, Dominic Wilford stated, “We are doing everything to help the community; by turning to greener, energy-efficient air conditioning units. Not only is the environment helped, but the customers also benefit by making considerable savings on electricity.”

Going beyond the norm

Here at D-Air Services, we believe in going above and beyond. For many, corporate social responsibility is about keeping up with the Joneses. Making sure they act in the right way and are perceived as doing the right thing. At D-Air, we are the Joneses. We want to set the benchmark in terms of the way we deal with suppliers, the way we treat our staff, the way we integrate with the communities in which we are based and, perhaps most importantly, the way we look to the future when it comes to protecting the environment.