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The majority of modern air conditioners are equipped with heating pumps which allows them to be turned into heating units. This is particularly important in winter months, when traditional heating methods, including radiators and other warm air heaters, tend to create stuffy and dust-ridden atmospheres. AC units, by creating hot air which is circulated around the room, allows users to get the benefits of warmth, while still moving the air in order to prevent dust and allergies. These air conditioning units, which are often called HVAC (Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning) units, can be much more efficient than traditional radiators in creating a warm environment for offices and shops.

Warm air heaters for the home or office

In winter, AC units can be turned into heaters by reversing the processes usually used to cool air. The conditioner, which usually takes heat from the atmosphere, now evaporates this heat into the room, while the evaporator, usually expelling cold air into the room, now condenses the heat from indoors, warming it up before it is released. Therefore, this process actually helps in removing cool air as well as heating up the room using traditional methods.

By combining the two elements of an air conditioning unit to create heat in a room, the home or office will become warmer more quickly, and will also cost less to heat. This is because the HVAC is not expending energy in heating up air in a cool environment. Instead, it is removing that air and replacing it with heat. This should also mean that office workers feel comfortable at a lower temperature, as there is less contrast between cool airs and warmth next to the radiator. Shops will also find that using a HVAC makes the entire floor warm, rather than concentrating that heat into a few areas close to the radiators, with the rest of the room only being temperate at best.

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Reducing your energy costs

It is estimated that heating your home, and using hot water for showers, washing machines and dishwashers, can account for more than half of your annual energy use. This means that heating up even the smallest room consumes a great deal of electricity or gas, which in turn means that your energy bills are higher. As winter is commonly the season when heating prices rise, being able to warm rooms more effectively can be one solution to cutting down on energy costs. Therefore, using hot air from an AC unit is a good alternative to using radiators.

Not all air conditioning units are able to supply hot air to rooms, so it is important to check that your unit has heating capacity. The heating unit will provide hot air to the room by warming air and then circulating it, creating movement which also helps to prevent the air from becoming stuffy and static, something which can happen in air which is warmed but that is allowed to remain in the same location. Air conditioning units are often ignored over the winter months, but using them to provide heat to the room can help to cut back down on energy costs for offices, homes or stores.

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