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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Professionally Designed HVAC System?

Do your employees frequently complain about workplace temperatures? Are you worried about the effects of heat or cold on vital business equipment and stock? Would you like your home to be heated and cooled more efficiently – reducing the cost to you? No matter what results you hope to achieve with heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, the specialists at D-Air can make it happen for you.Air conditioning is about much more than simply keeping cool. HVAC systems can [...]

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Is Your Office’s Temperature Affecting Your Profits? Ten Reasons To Install Air Conditioning Now

Installing air conditioning in your business premises is not technically a legal requirement, but looking after your workforce certainly is. Employers can sometimes overlook the importance of temperature and air quality in a working environment. When neglected, what seems like a minor issue can actually have a serious impact on your company's overall output. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) could actually be the key to boosting productivity within your business, and to pushing your company forward with a happy, [...]

Poor Air Conditioning Means Unhappy Staff

A recent study by the One Poll survey group has discovered that more than three-quarters of all office staff are unhappy with the temperature in their workplace. The survey also discovered that some of the workers, around 35%, also have to take some time out of the office in order to avoid uncomfortable temperatures. While many companies know that the correct temperature setting in an office can be contentious, this new result suggests that current air conditioning settlements are [...]

Why install an HVAC unit?

Installing and using an HVAC unit makes economic sense to a lot of businesses. These units are designed to conserve energy and save on electricity and gas bills in all seasons. However, there is one important element of HVAC use which many companies are neglecting, and that is the area of Preventative Maintenance. Also known as PM, this involves the ritual care and conservation of the HVAC, looking for serious problems and investigating the whole of the unit. These [...]

HVAC Systems and Health and Safety Requirements

Companies are under constant pressure to conform to rules governing the working climate. This can extend to issues involving local councils, falling under Environmental Health. Building ventilation is an important aspect of this, and installing the correct heating and air conditioning systems is essential to keeping the council happy. The HVAC provides all of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning that might be needed in an office, and in fact improper use or installation of these devices is a [...]

Legislation relating to the workplace environment means that employers are now responsible for not only the air inside the office, but also the amount of energy which is used to keep the air conditioning or heating running. Current government legislation extends to heating, ventilation and air conditioning inside workplace buildings, and with the greater emphasis upon energy efficiency, businesses may be left wondering why they are bothering.The reason why HVAC units are so essential to the workplace is due [...]

Air conditioning units which were installed in the 1990s are now at the end of their functional lives. At this point, they will have more mechanical failures, breakdowns, and increased performance costs. In addition, the majority of these devices will no longer be able to comply with EU regulations about gas emissions, and attachments and other accessories designed to help companies with this problem will not last for very long. Cutting back on escalating costs, as well as ensuring [...]

Are you tired of paying high energy bills to heat your house? Or are you looking for alternative ways to heat a domestic or commercial property? A ground source heat pump could be the perfect solution. Cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly, ground source heat pumps could also offer you an additional source of income with government incentives. Ground source heat pumps can deliver heat to your home for longer than either gas boilers or oil burning systems. A great [...]

For any business running an air conditioning unit on their property, recent changes to EU legislation may affect how they use their AC system. This legislation affects one of the most commonly used types of AC unit refrigerant gases, known as R22. This is often used by AC units which were built before 2004, but it is also linked to CFCs as a series of gases which are depleting the ozone layer. R22 has a global warming potential which [...]