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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Professionally Designed HVAC System?

Do your employees frequently complain about workplace temperatures? Are you worried about the effects of heat or cold on vital business equipment and stock? Would you like your home to be heated and cooled more efficiently – reducing the cost to you? No matter what results you hope to achieve with heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, the specialists at D-Air can make it happen for you.Air conditioning is about much more than simply keeping cool. HVAC systems can [...]

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Is Your Office’s Temperature Affecting Your Profits? Ten Reasons To Install Air Conditioning Now

Installing air conditioning in your business premises is not technically a legal requirement, but looking after your workforce certainly is. Employers can sometimes overlook the importance of temperature and air quality in a working environment. When neglected, what seems like a minor issue can actually have a serious impact on your company's overall output. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) could actually be the key to boosting productivity within your business, and to pushing your company forward with a happy, [...]

At D-Air Services we are committed to gearing our operations in a way that is mindful of the planet’s resources. We are continuously seeking out new ways to incorporate renewable energy and greener resources into our operations. D-Air Services recycles and where possible, uses biodegradable materials throughout out all sectors of the business.In a recent interview, Antony Fletcher stated, “Due to significant advancements in air conditioning technologies, customers can purchase more efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning systems. Everybody wins [...]

Legislation relating to the workplace environment means that employers are now responsible for not only the air inside the office, but also the amount of energy which is used to keep the air conditioning or heating running. Current government legislation extends to heating, ventilation and air conditioning inside workplace buildings, and with the greater emphasis upon energy efficiency, businesses may be left wondering why they are bothering.The reason why HVAC units are so essential to the workplace is due [...]

Commercial kitchens are required to have a high standard of air conditioning in their work areas, and there are often more than one type of machine installed in the same kitchen in order to cut back on the risk of electric failure of single fans. Recently, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to indoor charcoal use. The HSE investigation revealed that there is a significant risk of poisoning if the kitchen [...]

Are you tired of paying high energy bills to heat your house? Or are you looking for alternative ways to heat a domestic or commercial property? A ground source heat pump could be the perfect solution. Cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly, ground source heat pumps could also offer you an additional source of income with government incentives. Ground source heat pumps can deliver heat to your home for longer than either gas boilers or oil burning systems. A great [...]