Air Conditioning for Restaurants

A restaurant’s reputation and your ability to attract repeat business is built on a number of factors that influence the overall dining experience. Whilst the quality of the food you serve is clearly the most important element, the ambience also plays a key role. People want to come out and eat dinner in a pleasant, relaxing environment no matter what the weather conditions outside. Just as customer service and the way you look after your customers is important, making sure they are comfortable whilst they dine plays a big part in whether they will enjoy their evening and come back again and again.

Consequently, it’s becoming increasingly important for restaurants to control the environment effectively, without incurring excessive running costs.

Restaurant Air Conditioning

Keeping your customers comfortable all year round

Traditionally, air conditioning has been associated with keeping restaurants cool when the weather is warm outside, something that has not necessarily been as important in the UK. Modern Air conditioning units or HVACs have the ability to both heat and cool from the same unit, allowing you to control the temperature in your restaurant all year round. These modern heat pump air conditioning systems are a highly cost effective, energy efficient way of keeping your restaurant at the optimal temperature come rain or shine.

Stay comfortable, look good

Keeping your customers comfortable whilst they dine with you is going to help to ensure they have a great experience. One thing that is often important to customers is the décor in a restaurant and your air conditioning system can play a big part in this. Thankfully, modern air conditioning units and HVAC systems are designed to fit into many environments from the home to museums to 5 star restaurants so you can be sure that we have an air conditioning unit to suit your needs, from wall-mounted units to cassettes to ceiling units.

Energy efficient

For many restaurants, there is always a concern about the cost and energy efficiency of air conditioning units, however with the modern systems installed by D-Air, an air conditioning unit in your restaurant can often be more efficient than your current heating and cooling solution whether that’s a radiator in winter or a fan in the summer. As well as helping to keep your energy bills down, it’s also better for the environment and better for your customers. Winners all round.

If you are thinking about installing an air conditioning system in your restaurant, give the experts at D-Air a call and we can help to provide advice on the best system to suit your needs.