Air Conditioning for Doctors and Dentists

Air conditioning for doctors & dentists has a multiplicity of functions. These AC units are often found in waiting rooms, as well as smaller units for each room, and they serve to create a cool and calm atmosphere. Modern surgeries see a great number of patients each week, both young and old. This can be a stressful and upsetting experience for the customer, because they are often in pain, concerned about the treatment, or worried about being in the surgery in the first place. The use of air conditioning units is therefore to try and relax the patient by providing a cool and temperate environment.

Air conditioning for dental practices

Preventing the spread of infection

The other important role for air conditioning in doctors & dentists is in helping to check the spread of infection. Patients visiting medics are often sick, and only proper air filters and climate control can help to ensure that infection does not spread from person to person while they are unwell. Preventing infection is also important in dentist’s rooms, as they often work with infected teeth and gums. The use of some equipment can potentially spread air-borne diseases, but air conditioning units can help to control the movement of bacteria, and therefore limit the potential for infection.

Why air conditioning units for doctors & dentists are different

Air conditioning units for doctors and dentists are very different from those used by private individuals or offices. Instead, they tend to include a range of specific functions and capabilities. This might include specific filters designed to remove bacteria and viruses from the air. They are also likely to use heat pump technology, also known as reverse cycle systems, which can improve efficiency by around 60-70%. Larger surgeries might consider using a Variable Refrigerant Flow, where a single AC unit provides air flow to a number of different internal units, helping to reduce waste while still keeping patients cool and relaxed.

We know that choosing an air conditioning unit for a doctors or dental practice can be stressful so let us take the stress out of the decision. Our team of experts at D-Air Services have a wealth of experience installing, servicing and maintaining air conditioning units in doctors and dentists surgeries and we can provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

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