Air Conditioning for Industrial Units

Controlling the humidity and climate inside an industrial building is not always easy, and older air conditioning for industrial units will struggle to keep workers cool in summer, and warm in winter. It does not take a significant change of weather in order to overheat a factory or other industrial unit, and staff can quickly become unhappy when they feel uncomfortable. Buying a modern AC unit will help to ensure that staff are working in comfortable conditions, which has been shown to improve productivity and reduce the number of sick days that staff require.

Air Conditioning in Industrial unit

Keeping your staff cool

The importance of keeping workers cool has been underlined by studies which show that the best conditions for workers lie in a very narrow corridor of environment between 16 and 24 degrees centigrade. Too high or too low can mean that there is more stress, and a drop in productivity and performance. Poor humidity and air quality are also considered to be related to high levels of sickness, and poor moral for staff. Modern air conditioning for industrial units is designed to regulate and control both the temperature of the room, and the general climate, creating a much pleasanter atmosphere.

Is your industrial unit’s air conditioning up to date?

Since 2010, older AC units will have to be changed in order to comply with new legislation. While most industrial units have had their air conditioning devices changed to meet these requirements, some of the older models are now illegal to use and to repair. There are several reasons for this: firstly, that environmental concerns mean that governments require greater efficiency for air conditioning units, and less emissions. In response to this, companies are installing units with inverter technology, designed to vary condenser speeds, increasing energy savings. There are also heat recovery systems, moving generated heat about the work site in order to save on waste. Modern air conditioning for industrial units will also help with temperature control in specific areas, such as computer rooms.