Pharmaceutical Air Conditioning

Some medicines need to be kept cool, and pharmaceutical air conditioning is vital to ensuring that products remain chilled throughout production. Also known as climate control, these AC units have significantly improved in recent years, with more concentration upon reducing energy costs, and helping to keep large areas cool without affecting the environment. Many companies working with medical products are now investing big sums of money into buying the latest types of air conditioning for pharmaceutics.


Controlling the air quality in your pharmaceutical environment

One of the most important elements of new pharmaceutical air conditioning units is their ability to control the air quality in the work area. Humidity, and the general quality of air, are vital to producing medicines to a high standard, and so companies are willing to invest money in these areas. However, the requirements for each product might be slightly different, and this is why most companies choose to invest in AC units which allow the users to change the humidity settings.

Looking after the environment

Another important aspect of these air conditioning units is that they are designed to be environmentally friendly. Most companies are now obliged to pay attention to carbon emissions and energy consumption, and so new pharmaceutical air conditioning units have to have a much higher efficiency than older stock. This helps in two ways: firstly, to ensure that the business complies with government legislation, and secondly to help cut the running costs of the company.

Modern air conditioning = less maintenance

Most modern air conditioning units also bring another advantage to the business, in that they are much more reliable and effective. This means that there is less need to call out repair crews, and there is often only the annual maintenance service required. This helps to save costs, and also ensures that the goods being produced are made in exactly the same conditions, every time.

Getting the right air conditioning solution for your pharmaceutical business could be the difference when finding the next big breakthrough or for keeping someone’s vital meds at the right temperature. Speak to the experts as D-Air and lean on our experience when it comes to pharmaceutical air conditioning installation and maintenance.