Air Conditioning for Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

The laws concerning the use of air conditioning for pubs and nightclubs are very strict, and this means that owners need to be very careful when selecting the right unit for their premises. Most local authorities actually recommend using air conditioning, rather than opening windows, in order to reduce the amount of environmental pollution. However, AC units in bars and nightclubs  are also regulated heavily, and pub owners need to walk a thin line between these different laws.

Air conditioning for pubs, bars and nightclubs

Selecting the right air conditioning for your pubs, bars & nightclubs

Selecting the right air conditioning for pubs and nightclubs will depend very much upon the premises they will be used in. Smoke is much reduced in bars and clubs, but there is still a strong atmosphere which needs to be regulated with good climate control. Modern air conditioning units which use quality and temperature regulation can ensure that owners comply with the laws. The ones which allow customizing or manual alterations will help to regulate the air according to the needs of the owner.

Keeping your staff and partygoers cool

Another area where pubs, in particular, need to look at kitchens and serving areas. These are often places where the temperature is much greater than in the rest of the building, and there will also be fumes and humidity which can affect the premises. In nightclubs, spotlights and DJ booths present similar problems, particularly concerning the amount of heat produced, and the potential for fumes. Government legislation, particularly those in health and safety, requires owners and companies to limit the risks connected to these hotspots by using air conditioning for pubs and nightclubs to regulate temperature and climate.

New air conditioning units are designed to help bar and club owners to regulate the heat inside a building without producing too much noise, or using much energy. These factors help to ensure that customers are likely to find a happy compromise between reducing noise, and keeping their environment cool and temperate.

Getting the right air conditioning unit for the right space is crucial. Speak to the experts at D-Air Services and let us pass on our years of experience working with pubs & nightclubs to make sure you get the right air conditioning unit for your business.