Server Room Air Conditioning

Server rooms are usually in use around the clock, and as a result, servers and other equipment will be using energy and pumping out heat relentlessly. Server rooms in particular will require air conditioning, as heat losses from the server units can be as high as 40-50%, meaning that without air conditioning, the operation of the servers and other hardware can be interrupted or critically damaged. In some cases, a lack of suitable ventilation and air conditioning can lead to prolonged periods of poor performance, periodic reboots or a system crash.

Server rooms and IT Air Conditioning

Cheap is Not an Option

Although cheap air conditioning units can be installed or brought in, in no way do they present a sustainable or cost-effective solution to server room cooling and temperature maintenance.

Here are just some of the reasons why you need a specialist air conditioning system in your server room:

  • Power Failure

In the case of a power failure, in most cases a cheap server air conditioning system or unit will not have an automatic restart function to ensure the continued performance of the air conditioning.

  • Constant heat removal

Also, a budget air conditioning system may not remove the heat constantly released into the room by servers and hardware, meaning the sever air conditioning system has to continue to work harder, making it more expensive to run, and more prone to faults and failure.

  • Humidity

In addition, cheaper air conditioning units will also not necessarily account for humidity, which can be as damaging to servers and hardware as persistent high temperatures.

  • Damage to hardware, memory chips and motherboards

One other challenge with assessing server room air conditioning function is that hardware, such as memory chips and motherboards, can be irrevocably damaged by even just a few minutes of high-level heat exposure. Although total failure of hardware or a component may not be immediate, the damage incurred may become an issue when operating under load, or poor performance can lead to a veritable headache for weeks after the overheating incident.

  • Ambient air conditioning is not the answer

Lastly, ambient air conditioning is often not an appropriate solution for server air conditioning, whether you’re running small, medium or large server room operations. This is because the temperature within a server room often varies and is rarely uniform, due to factors such as the positioning of output vents, and positioning of nodes. A server/cluster environment is especially prone to hotspots and will need careful consideration when planning or upgrading your server air conditioning.

Your server room air conditioning is crucial – Call in the Professionals

In short, installing a standard ambient AC unit in your server room won’t cut it – a server room has specialist air conditioning needs, and as such, you should always seek professional server air conditioning services. At D-Air we have the necessary expertise and knowledge to help you design and install the most cost-efficient and effective server air conditioning system.

Our Service Team will ensure that you find the perfect solution for your premises, undertaking air quality assessments, testing, and installation, as well as maintenance and repair where required to procure a long lifespan from your system. We also offer a free 3 year warranty on our commercial air conditioning installations.

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