Commercial ventilation systems

Boost your property’s air quality and circulation

Heat recovery service

Heat Recovery

Commercial ductwork

Commercial Ductwork

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Fire Rated

VAV/FCU Ducted systems

VAV/FCU Ducted Systems

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Better productivity

Better productivity

Improve productivity within your workspace as good air circulation has been proven to enhance staff productivity and customer satisfaction.

Better health

Better health

Keep the indoor environment healthy as superior ventilation and air quality significantly reduce the effects of headaches, allergies, and other respiratory problems.

Better air quality

Better Air Quality

Remove unpleasant odours from your premises by keeping fresh air circulating, which also reduces the presence of fumes.

At D-Air, we are dedicated to enhancing the comfort and air quality of your commercial spaces through our specialised Ventilation and Ductwork services. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of various commercial settings including offices, shops, and educational institutions. With a blend of innovative design, quality workmanship, and adherence to industry standards, we ensure your ventilation and ductwork systems operate optimally, creating a pleasant and healthy environment for both staff and visitors.

ventilation system


Commercial spaces require a well-designed ventilation system to ensure a continuous supply of fresh air, enhancing the overall air quality and creating a comfortable environment. Our ventilation services are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of your commercial space, ensuring compliance with industry standards and promoting a healthier indoor environment.



Ductwork is pivotal in ensuring efficient air distribution within your commercial spaces. Our ductwork solutions are tailored to seamlessly integrate with your existing ventilation systems, promoting better air circulation, reducing energy costs, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

ventilation system
commercial ventilation system

Keep your staff and customers happy with a ventilation system

Ventilation systems, known as Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) units, are key to keeping commercial properties comfortable for your staff and customers. They’re designed to give a space a number of air changes per hour, drawing in fresh air from the