Air conditioning unit types

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There are lots of types of air conditioning unit available. Some companies deal with portable units, but all the products we supply and install are fixed, as they’re the most cost-effective and efficient models around. Different units tend to be suitable for different types of room or building, but it can still be hard to know which one will be best for your home or business.

Our installation service includes a free survey and consultation to help us understand your air conditioning needs. Then we’ll recommend the ideal units for you and put together a bespoke design for your new air conditioning installation.

Wall mounted air conditioning

Wall mounted air conditioning is a popular type of air conditioning unit. They’re ideally suited to warming and cooling homes, and smaller business premises like offices and server rooms. Wall mounted air conditioning units sit close to the top of your walls and are a top choice if you want stylish and unobtrusive climate control.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning

Ceiling cassette air conditioning is great for commercial properties with a false or suspended ceiling. The majority of the unit is hidden from view and can be positioned in the middle of the room, meaning that air can be distributed evenly in multiple directions. Ceiling cassette units are ideal for rooms with limited wall space.

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is one of the most subtle types of air conditioning around. Generally very quiet, it uses concealed pipes and discreet vents to disperse air around your home or business premises. It’s possible to install ducted air conditioning retrospectively in certain situations, and it’s ideal for heating and cooling big buildings or rooms.

Underslung and suspended ceiling air conditioning

Underslung and ceiling suspended air conditioning are air conditioning unit types that suit large spaces like commercial offices, shops and server rooms. The units hang from or just below the ceiling, and are a great option for buildings that don’t have a fake or suspended ceiling. They can be very powerful.

Floor mounted air conditioning

Floor mounted air conditioning units can be used on their own or as part of a split system. They’re a great option for your home or business if you have limited wall or ceiling space. High power models are available, which means that floor mounted air conditioning is an ideal choice for heating and cooling bigger rooms and buildings.

Air conditioner manufacturers

We’re certified to work on and install units made by 10+ top air conditioner manufacturers. We’ll recommend the best units for your property, with prices from a range of manufacturers to tailor to your budget.

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