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Home, Domestic & Conservatory Air Conditioning

Designed to cool and heat rooms of all sizes, our home air conditioning units  are specifically designed for domestic use – including conservatory and out houses.

Our expert team can help you select the perfect home air con unit to suit all your needs and requirements – as well as offering expert air conditioning repairs, maintenance, servicing and installation across the UK.

Just some of the benefits we can offer you:

  • The latest domestic air conditioning units for ultimate comfort all year round
  • Versatile yet affordable air conditioning solutions
  • Only 5% VAT with all A-Rated Energy products
  • Reliable, quiet and energy efficient units


Home Air Conditioning

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Benefits of installing air conditioning in the home

For many people in the UK, air conditioning seems like a luxury you can live without. With relatively mild summers, there often seems no real need to invest in air conditioning for the home, however air conditioning systems are now found in many smart homes and are more of a ‘climate control system’ then just a way of cooling down. Keeping your house at the right temperature for you and your family all year round is a lot easier with the right air conditioning system. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Air conditioning units are not just for cooling down – they can also be used to heat the house in the winter months.
  • Air conditioning units are becoming more and more energy efficient, helping you to cut down on your energy bills with all your heating and cooling in one solution.
  • Keep cool and stay safe during those warm summer nights – with opportunistic burglaries on the rise, stay safe and keep cool on those warm summer nights by keeping widows closed.
  • Peace and quiet – modern air conditioning units are extremely quiet so you can eliminate the noisy neighbours partying ’til 2 in the morning and keep the windows closed and the temperature down.
  • Get heat immediately – unlike conventional heating solutions, such as radiators, that can take a long time to heat up, air conditioning units or HVACs offer immediate heat which is circulated efficiently around the room.

With the effects of climate change being felt throughout all seasons in the UK and the number of heatwaves on the rise, is it time you thought about installing air conditioning in your home or conservatory? Speak to the experts at D-Air Services to find out more.


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