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Do D-Air supply portable air conditioning units?2019-07-25T13:01:24+01:00

No, we don’t supply portable air conditioning units. This is because we believe they don’t provide value for money compared to installed systems. They have much lower energy efficiency levels, are expensive to run, can take up a lot of space and are much noisier. Most portable units also require a hose to be fed out through a window or door, which isn’t possible in some locations.

Is the outside condensing unit included in D-Air’s servicing packages?2019-07-25T13:02:30+01:00

Yes, our servicing packages include checking and cleaning the outside condensing unit as well as the inside units.

What is TM44 and does it apply to my air conditioning system?2019-07-25T13:02:43+01:00

Yes, our servicing packages include checking and cleaning the outside condensing unit as well as the inside units.

Can air conditioning be retrofitted?2019-07-25T13:02:54+01:00

Although some air conditioning systems are best fitted when a building is being built, there are lots of types of unit and system that can be retrofitted. Once we’ve seen your property, we’ll be able to recommend the best units and system type for your home or business.

Can I install air conditioning myself?2019-07-25T13:05:18+01:00

Air conditioning units use fluorinated gases as refrigerants – this means that any installation or work on them must be done by a professional with a valid F gas certification.

How long does air conditioning take to install?2019-07-25T13:05:31+01:00

Air conditioning usually takes 1-2 days per system to install. However, it depends on the type and number of units you need, the kind of system you choose, and the building it’s installed in. When we give you a quote we’ll be able to give you a timeframe of how long your chosen air conditioning installation will take to install.

How often should I get my air conditioning cleaned or serviced?2019-07-25T13:05:43+01:00

How often you should get your air conditioning cleaned or serviced depends on the type of system you have, how big it is and the type of building it’s in.

If you have air conditioning in your home, we’d suggest servicing it once a year to ensure that it stays in warranty. If you have a commercial installation, we’d recommend servicing it at least twice a year depending on the type of building it’s in.

When we install your air conditioning, we’ll advise you on how frequently to clean and service your air conditioning to keep it working safely and efficiently. We also offer a contract-free regular maintenance service if you’d like us to take care of your air conditioning maintenance.

Why do air conditioning systems need maintaining?2019-07-25T13:05:55+01:00

It’s really important to look after your air conditioning system. Cleaning it will help to ensure that the air it filters and circulates is also clean, and servicing helps to keep your air conditioning working safely and efficiently. You may also find that you need to service your air conditioning to keep its warranty valid.

What qualifications and accreditations do D-Air have?2019-07-25T13:06:06+01:00

We have a range of qualifications and accreditations to show our skills and expertise in the air conditioning sector. All our engineers are REFCOM-accredited, which means that they can work with F gas refrigerants legally and safely. We also hold the SafeContractor health and safety accreditation and are members of the IOR (Institute of Refrigeration). 10 leading air conditioning manufacturers trust us to install, service and repair their high quality products.

How does the D-Air service work?2019-07-25T13:06:18+01:00

Our expert service starts with a survey and consultation where we find out about your air conditioning needs. We’ll then provide you with quotes for the best products or service for you – all completely free. If you decide to use our service, our REFCOM-accredited engineers will do all necessary work to a high quality standard, and leave you with effective air conditioning that meets your needs.

What impact does air conditioning have on your health?2019-07-25T13:06:29+01:00

Air conditioning can be a great way to protect the health of your household or employees. As well as heating and cooling, air conditioning filters your air, removing humidity, mould spores and dust that can cause respiratory problems. Its cooling facility can also help to reduce cases of dehydration and heat stroke.

Make sure you maintain your system and repair any faults as quickly as possible to keep your air conditioning working safely and effectively.

Which type of air conditioning unit should I get?2019-07-25T13:06:41+01:00

There are lots of different types of air conditioning unit available, so it can be hard to know which one to get. Different systems and units are best for different types of building and sizes of room. It also depends on where you want your air conditioning – some systems are designed to service one room only while others are best for entire floors or buildings. Our service includes a free site survey and consultation so we can recommend the best air conditioning units and systems for your home or business.

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Why should I get air conditioning?2019-07-25T13:06:53+01:00

Air conditioning has a range of benefits to help you make your home or business an enjoyable and comfortable place to be. Use your air conditioning system to keep your property the right temperature all year round, clean your air and improve security. Take a look at our info on to find out more.

What does air conditioning do?2019-07-25T13:07:05+01:00

Air conditioning filters and distributes the air in a room or building to suit the people, furniture and equipment in them. Air conditioners can heat and cool air, as well as filtering it to remove humidity and pollutants like pollen and dust. Most modern air conditioning units have a range of features to help you benefit from your air conditioning in lots of different ways. Our service includes a free site survey and consultation so we can give you quotes for the best air conditioning system that suits your needs.

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