Air conditioners can be a terrific way to improve any room – from conservatories to offices. However, when it comes to cooling large areas like business offices, shops and also larger areas in a home, it’s vital that the air conditioning system is well planned to be most efficient and achieve the required level of coolness.

The bigger your space or room is, the more difficult it can be to cool down. This is due to the fact that it takes longer to alter the air temperature in larger rooms over smaller sized ones. Here are our top tips on the best way to effectively cool larger rooms.

What BTU (British Thermal Devices) you need

To get the most effective air conditioning for cooling big areas, you need to obtain the right system outcome. This means how effective your air conditioning unit system is. If it’s not sufficient enough your system won’t have the ability to provide the temperatures you need and your electrical power costs will certainly be needlessly high. Most system results are measured in BTUs (British Thermal Devices). You can make use of one or incorporate multiple systems to develop an air conditioning system with the variety of BTUs you require.

You really need an air conditioning specialist to precisely compute the number of BTUs your system needs to cool your huge area or space. However to obtain approximation, attempt utilizing this formula:

Space height (feet) x size (ft) x deepness (feet) x 5 = BTU

Space dimension can be a good indicator of how effective your system needs to be. But it’s also crucial to consider points like sunshine as well as various other heat resources also. For example, a south-facing workplace will certainly need more effective air conditioning than north-facing rooms of the same dimension.

Suspended air con unit in large room with plants either side

Deciding on the correct system

Once you have a rough idea of how effective your air conditioner needs to be, you can decide which system type is best for you. For cooling big areas or rooms, you generally have a selection in between main or split system air conditioning. Nevertheless, you’ll get lots of chances to personalize your system later down the line. Air conditioning is a fantastic option for huge single-story buildings or buildings still in the style phase. This is because the system makes use of one internal unit and a network of ducting to disperse cool air around a residential property. There either needs to be plenty of roofing system and also wall surface space to retrofit ducting, or the system must be included in the residential property’s layout.

Split or multi split central air conditioning systems do not depend on ducting to distribute air. Instead they utilize one or multiple internal devices put directly in spaces or rooms that need cool air. This implies that they’re normally easier as well as less costly to install than air conditioning, although it depends on the room you’re trying to cool.

For even more assistance deciding in between main and also split central air conditioning systems, take a look at the comparison below.

Air con in large office space

Choosing your system

A split or multi split system is best for cooling your large room but there are lots of air conditioning unit types on offer. Here are the styles that are best suited for cooling huge areas:

Ceiling cassette

Ceiling cassette units

Ceiling cassette systems are suitable for cooling down large, open-plan rooms like offices or stores. They blow vast streams of air in 4 different directions and also can be quite effective. This all implies that they can offer a considerably big air insurance coverage– you will not need lots of to cover a huge space.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning systems recess right into ceiling spaces, so are just suitable for rooms with incorrect or suspended ceilings.

Ceiling suspended unit

Ceiling suspended units

If ceiling cassette units aren’t appropriate for your area, Ceiling suspended units are a terrific alternative. They do not have the multi-directional feature that ceiling cassettes do, yet they can supply an effective air circulation. Obviously, there are various other types of ac unit around. Whatever kind of ac unit you select to go for, you’ll require to see to it that your devices are purposefully spaced. This will aid you cool your huge space effectively without spending beyond your means.

Engineer installing air con

Let D-Air help with the decision

At D-Air, we’ve been setting up quality central air conditioning systems for over 25 years. We have a lot of experience making as well as installing air conditioner for cooling down big areas like workplaces, stores as well as open strategy residence areas. All our engineers are REFCOM and SafeContractor accredited, with the skills to leave you with the perfect climate control remedy for your building.

Call us on 0800 756 9601 or enter your requirements into our online cost calculator to see what system would be best for you.