An air conditioning service is like a car service – you might not particularly want to do it, but it’s really important you do. Not only will it look after your system and the people using it, it’ll protect your bank balance too. You can get your air conditioning serviced at any time but doing to before the weather gets hot ensures you can get the maximum benefit from your air conditioning.

Reasons why you should get an air conditioning service

It might be tempting to put off servicing your air conditioning system, especially if it seems to be working fine. So, if you need some convincing, here are 6 reasons why getting an air conditioning service at least once a year is 100% essential.

1. Keep your air conditioning efficient

In good condition, your air conditioning system is at its most efficient. But as soon as dust and grime start to clog up filters and block mechanisms, it’ll start to struggle. Your climate control may still work, but it’ll have to put considerably more effort in. This means more energy use, and higher bills and environmental impact for you or your business.

Our standard service includes a thorough clean of all filters, pumps and condensers to help you keep your climate control running as efficiently as possible. Or if your system hasn’t been serviced for a while or is particularly dirty, we also offer a full deep clean.

2. Avoid expensive repairs

If your air conditioning develops a fault, you might not even notice it. In many cases, it’s only when a system completely stops working that you might realise that there’s something wrong. And at that point, there’s a hefty repair bill to pay.

Smiling woman stands next to a wall mounted air conditioning unitGetting your air conditioning serviced regularly will help to make sure that any faults are picked up on while they’re still relatively minor. You’ll be able to get these fixed easily before they become an expensive problem that affects your whole system.

3. Increase your system’s lifetime

Look after your climate control and it’ll last longer – it’s as simple as that. Paying for regular servicing may cost you in the short term, but it’ll mean that your air conditioning system keeps on working well for far longer than it could have done. This helps you maximise its value and avoid early replacement, which will cost you far more in the long term.

4. Preserve your warranty

When you got your system installed, it probably came with a warranty. Most manufacturers require you to get an air conditioning service at least once a year to keep this valid. A warranty is great peace of mind that you won’t have to fork out if there’s something wrong with your system, so it’s 100% worth the regular service.

5. Keep your air clean

One of the top benefits of air conditioning is that it keeps your air clean. It reduces pollen and dust in the air, helping to protect people with hay fever or other allergies. It also can lower the amount of pollutants and flies and insects that get into your home or workplace.

An air conditioning system with clogged up or dirty filters won’t do a very good job of this. Get the most out of your climate control and look after your household or workforce by servicing your climate control regularly.

Find out more about how air conditioning helps to keep your air clean here.

6. Be ready for summer

Although air conditioning is ideal for heating and cooling your property, many people use it most to keep cool in hot weather. Wait till the summer to service your air con and you may find yourself sweating away for weeks waiting for your system to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Book your air conditioning service in now and know that’ll you’ll have no problem staying cool when the hot weather hits.

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Not sure how regularly to get your air conditioning serviced? We recommend at least once a year for home climate control, and twice a year for commercial systems – but it depends on its type, size and location. If you don’t know when your system was last serviced, get some helpful advice here.

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