If you’re in the market for an air conditioning system for your home or business, one of the main things likely to affect your decision is the installation cost. The upfront costs of getting air conditioning installed can be sizeable. This is especially true if you’re getting multiple units installed or fitting air conditioning to large business premises.

So, to help you with your research into air conditioning installation prices, we’ve come up with a guide to all of the factors that can affect the cost. We’ve also included some guide prices to give you an indication of how much your system is likely to cost. Remember that the prices you’ll pay will be specific to your property’s circumstances. There are a lot of different things that could change the price for your air conditioning installation.

How much to install air conditioning: example prices

The final price for the installation of your air conditioning system is difficult to calculate without knowing all of the details. There are many factors that will affect the price. We’ve listed some of these out below.

But, to give you a sense of how much your air conditioning installation could be, here are some guide prices for how much your system could cost. Note that this is the full price for installation, including the cost of the unit itself.

Type of air conditioning unit Approx. price range for installation
Portable unit £400-£2,000
Split or multi-split unit £1,500-£3,000
Central air conditioning £2,000-£6,000


If you’re in the market for an air conditioning system and need a hand with your research, just reach out. We offer quotes on all types of air conditioning system, and we’ll help you choose the right system for your needs and to best suit your property.

4 factors that affect the cost to install air conditioning

There are a lot of different things that can really make a difference to the price of your air conditioning installation. To help you with your research, here are 4 factors to think about. Each of these factors will affect the cost of installing air conditioning in your home or business. It’s important to think about each one to make sure you get an accurate estimate.

1. Total output of your system

One of the key things that will affect the price of an air conditioning installation is the output of the air conditioning unit. The output of the unit is essentially how powerful it is, meaning how fast it’ll blow air conditioned air into your room.

The higher the output of the system, in general, the more expensive the unit will be. While most units are similarly sized, some higher rated units are larger in size, so the installation costs may rise as there will be more building work or renovations to undertake.

Bear in mind that you’ll want to choose an air conditioning unit with the appropriate output for the space that you want to air condition. We’ll inspect your property, so we make sure that we recommend the ideal unit for your space.

2. Type of system

air conditioning unit in bedroomOne of the other crucial factors which will have a big impact on the cost of adding air conditioning to your house is the type of air conditioning system that you’re looking to have installed. There are 4 main types of air conditioning system, and the kind that you choose will affect the installation cost of the system. The cheapest kind of unit to have installed is a portable unit, as these generally require very little installation. Many are simply plug and play, so you will simply pay the cost of the unit.

Split or multi-split units are significantly more expensive to install. These units will need to be correctly sited in your home or business premises along with an external unit which will need to be fitted outside. For most homes, a single split unit will be appropriate to meet their climate control needs. However, business premises will generally need a multi-split unit. With multi-split units, the number of units that you’re having installed will directly affect the installation cost. The more units you require, the pricier the installation.

If you choose a central air conditioning system, the price of the installation will vary depending on whether or not your property already has the required air con ducts. Retrofitting these ducts can be prohibitively expensive, and require large scale remodelling of your home. If you already have these, replacing a central air conditioning system with a modern and more efficient one is relatively cost effective.

3. The manufacturer and unit you choose

Another important element to the installation prices that you’ll pay for your air conditioning system is the manufacturer and specific unit that you choose to have installed. These will obviously affect the price of the system, as different brands and units will cost different amounts. But, some units may end up attracting a more premium installation price as they are harder to install. However, others are simpler and quicker, and so will bring the overall cost of your system down.

When we quote, we make sure that we help you choose the perfect climate control system for your home. Don’t overpay for a system that you don’t need, or choose one that’s overly tricky to install.

4. Style of property

The last in our list of 4 key aspects which will affect how much it costs to add air conditioning to your property is the type of your home or office itself. Whether you live in a flat, detached, terraced or penthouse will have a large difference on the cost of your air conditioning installation. Some types of property even make it entirely impossible to install some kinds of air conditioning.

There are lots of different things about your property which can affect the installation cost. For example, if you live in a penthouse or top floor flat, the cost for fitting an external compressor such as those used in split air conditioning systems may be higher as special lifting equipment may be required.

All of these factors can affect the price of your air conditioning installation. So, it’s vital to do your research and ensure that you get quotes that are appropriate to your property and your specific climate control requirements.

If you’re looking for accurate quotes for your air conditioning installation, we can help. Simply complete our online form below, or give us a call on 0800 756 9601to discuss your exact needs.