If you’ve ever thought about getting air conditioning for your property, it’s probably been when you needed it the most – the summer. Despite this year’s unexpected Easter heat wave, the UK doesn’t usually experience particularly warm weather in spring.

But what if we told you this is actually the best time to install air conditioning?

Why the best time to install air conditioning is spring

At first, you might think it’s a bit unnecessary to spend money installing air conditioning at a time when you don’t actually need it. Surely, there’s no harm in waiting until the weather warms up?

You could wait until summer to fit your climate control, but you might miss out on some of its best benefits. Here are 4 reasons why spring’s the best time to install your air conditioning.

1. Beat the heat

UK spring weather can be sunny, but it doesn’t tend to be very warm. If you fit your climate control now, ahead of the hot weather, you’ll be fully prepared for when the hot temperatures hit.

Install your air conditioning in spring and you’ll have plenty of time to explore all its functions before you desperately need them. If there’s anything you can’t work out how to do or discover any issues, you’ll have the chance to sort them. Then when the weather gets hot, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your air conditioning.

2. Warm your property

People commonly use air conditioning to cool properties, but it’s a great, economical way to heat a space or building too.

Spring is the best time to install your air conditioning if you’re planning on using it for heating. This is because you’ll get the chance to try it out but you won’t be desperate. The weather’s usually cool enough for you to put it on but you won’t have to suffer in freezing conditions while you’re getting your climate control installed and working out how to use it.

3. Get hay fever relief

Air conditioning doesn’t just control temperature. It also filters things like flies, dust and pollen out of your air. Not only can this majorly improve your air quality, it also creates a safer environment for allergy sufferers.

Grass pollen – the pollen 95% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to – starts to be released in April. Oil seed rape pollen is around from March and some types of tree start releasing pollen from January.

If you or people in your family or workforce suffer from hay fever, using air conditioning in spring as well as summer can help to relieve the symptoms.

4. Avoid the summer rush

Leave it until it’s hot to install air conditioning and you’ll be at the back of the queue. It’s likely that the air conditioning companies you get in touch with will already have jobs on. This means they either won’t be able to take the work on or they’ll put you on a waiting list.

Spring is the best time to install air conditioning because you’ll get a much better response and find it easier to get your air conditioning installed when you want it.

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