Marbaix Gardens Air Conditioning Installation


Client: Residential Homeowner
Location: Marbaix Gardens, Isleworth

D-Air recently undertook a sophisticated domestic air conditioning installation at Marbaix Gardens, Isleworth, showcasing our expertise in delivering customised and aesthetically pleasing climate control solutions. This project demonstrated our ability to seamlessly integrate high-performance air conditioning systems into residential environments, ensuring comfort and efficiency.


The primary challenge in this installation was to provide an effective cooling solution that would blend seamlessly into the domestic environment across multiple floors of the residence. It was crucial to ensure minimal visual impact while maximising the efficiency and functionality of the air conditioning system. Additionally, the installation needed to be executed with minimal disruption to the household.

  • 1 x MSZ-LN35VG2
  • 2 x MSZ-LN25VG2 Condenser
  • 1 x MXZ-4F72VF Condenser
  • External Piping


Our team addressed these challenges with a carefully tailored HVAC solution:

Mitsubishi Electric Multi System

The Mitsubishi Electric Multi System units were chosen for their sleek design, high energy efficiency, and quiet operation. The units were installed in key areas: the ground floor living room, the first-floor sitting area, and the second-floor master bedroom, ensuring optimal climate control throughout the house.

Condenser Installation

A total of 55 fan coil units were strategically placed throughout the facility, including ceiling cassettes and wall-mounted units. This allowed for effective air distribution, maintaining consistent indoor temperatures.

Aesthetic Integration

All external pipes were strategically covered in black guttering. This not only protected the piping but also enhanced the external appearance of the installation, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Installation photos

This project at Marbaix Gardens exemplifies D-Air’s commitment to providing tailored air conditioning solutions that not only meet the functional requirements of our clients but also integrate aesthetically with their homes. Our choice of the Mitsubishi Electric Multi System, combined with meticulous installation and attention to detail, resulted in a discreet yet highly effective cooling solution.

This case study demonstrates our ability to overcome unique challenges and deliver exceptional results in domestic air conditioning installations.
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Immediate heating and cooling

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FREE 3 year warranty

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Claim capital allowances for all systems

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