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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Professionally Designed HVAC System?

Do your employees frequently complain about workplace temperatures? Are you worried about the effects of heat or cold on vital business equipment and stock? Would you like your home to be heated and cooled more efficiently – reducing the cost to you? No matter what results you hope to achieve with heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, the specialists at D-Air can make it happen for you.Air conditioning is about much more than simply keeping cool. HVAC systems can [...]

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Is Your Office’s Temperature Affecting Your Profits? Ten Reasons To Install Air Conditioning Now

Installing air conditioning in your business premises is not technically a legal requirement, but looking after your workforce certainly is. Employers can sometimes overlook the importance of temperature and air quality in a working environment. When neglected, what seems like a minor issue can actually have a serious impact on your company's overall output. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) could actually be the key to boosting productivity within your business, and to pushing your company forward with a happy, [...]

In recent years, businesses have been under increasing pressure to observe efficiency guidelines suggested by the EU, and this often means that they have to reduce carbon emissions and cut back on energy consumption in order to avoid fines. For most small to medium sized businesses, this is not necessarily easy. Computers, printers and telephones are all vital to the business, and cannot be discarded or limited. One answer to cutting back on emissions and fuel consumption is to [...]

Shops and supermarkets are familiar with the idea of using air conditioning in order to keep their customers cool during the summer, but they also need to be aware of the potential benefits of using a HVAC system to warm up the shop floor during winter months. In the colder seasons, customers are likely to come into a shop for warmth, and this means that areas which are warmer than others are more likely to get customers staying for [...]

HVAC units are used in offices and other workplaces to provide air conditioning all year round, supplying both heating and ventilation through small units placed in rooms and connected through pipes to a central supply system. While heating your rooms in this way can be an energy saving all on its own, there are also some ways in which office managers can help their company to keep energy costs down by controlling their HVAC unit.The first method of cutting [...]

Warming up a commercial or business space is not always easy, because traditional heating methods cannot create the same temperature throughout the room. This means that there are always spots which feel much colder than locations close to radiators or heating units. Keeping the whole room at a comfortable temperature, particularly during the depth of winter, places a lot of pressure on the owner of the business, or the shop manager, and can also increase the energy charges of [...]

The majority of modern air conditioners are equipped with heating pumps which allows them to be turned into heating units. This is particularly important in winter months, when traditional heating methods, including radiators, tend to create stuffy and dust-ridden atmospheres. AC units, by creating hot air which is circulated around the room, allows users to get the benefits of warmth, while still moving the air in order to prevent dust and allergies. These air conditioning units, which are often [...]

Most modern offices have had to change their heating and air conditioning units due to government legislation. While this has helped to cut back on the amount of CO2 produced by their systems, companies are still concerned about the expense of running both AC units and boilers in their offices. However, recent studies suggest that companies can get more out of their heating systems buy replacing traditional boilers with HVAC units, devices which combine air conditioning and heating devices [...]

As more offices find that they need to cut back on energy costs, one solution lies in installing an HVAC. These units are designed to combine both the cooling capacity of a traditional air conditioning system with heat production pumps, allowing the devices to both heat and cool, as the temperature requires. This means that they are able to operate all year around, and there is no need for separate heating and cooling systems. This can save on maintenance [...]

Are you tired of paying high energy bills to heat your house? Or are you looking for alternative ways to heat a domestic or commercial property? A ground source heat pump could be the perfect solution. Cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly, ground source heat pumps could also offer you an additional source of income with government incentives. Ground source heat pumps can deliver heat to your home for longer than either gas boilers or oil burning systems. A great [...]