Are you considering adding air conditioning to your home? Here are our top picks of the best best small air conditioning units in 2022. Like most heating and cooling systems, air conditioning can be a really valuable part of your property. But that doesn’t mean you want to put your air conditioners on display. This has made subtle, small air conditioning units seriously in demand in the UK – for homes and businesses.

You might also be after compact units because you have limited space in your property. Luckily, this is a common issue, and air conditioning manufacturers have made major efforts to make their products as space-efficient as possible.

Here’s how to get small air conditioning units for your property, and 5 great options to consider.

Pick a compact air conditioning system for your property

The type of air conditioning system you choose has a big impact on how much space it’ll take up. So, it’s important to get started by picking the right one for you.

Central air conditioning is popular for large commercial properties and homes still in the design stages, but they take up a lot of space.

Diagram of multi split air conditioning system

Split and multi split air conditioning systems, on the other hand, don’t need ducting, making them much more compact and easier to retrofit. That’s why all the units we’ve featured in this article are for split or multi split air conditioning systems.

To find out more, read our handy article about the difference between central and split air conditioning systems.

5 small air conditioning units in 2022 you should consider

There are plenty of great small air conditioning units around that suit different property types and sizes. Some are designed to be mounted on walls and floors, while others recess into walls and ceilings.

Here are 6 compact air conditioners that could suit your home or business.

Wall mounted air conditioning unit: Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN

Wall mounted units are one of the most popular types of air conditioner. Great for heating and cooling bedrooms, living rooms, small commercial offices and server rooms, there are lots of different designs and colours to choose from.

If you’re considering investing in a wall mounted air conditioning unit, make sure you take a look at Mitsubishi Electric’s MSZ-LN range. Also known as their ‘Diamond’ design, it has a combination of features that make it a great choice if you’re after a subtle, small air conditioning unit.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN wall mounted air conditioning unit

Key features

  • Range of subtle and striking colours available
  • Very quiet: 19 – 49 dBA sound pressure level
  • Super small size: H307 x W890 x D233mm

The MSZ-LN range is available in 4 colours – ruby red, natural white, pearl white and onyx black. This diverse pallet gives you the chance to pick a shade that blends in seamlessly with your property – although you could go for a bold contrast if you prefer. It also has very low sound pressure levels and is really compact, making it easy to use unobtrusively.

Mitsubishi Electric’s unit also comes with a range of innovative features to help you create the ideal environment in your home or business. With independently operating double flaps and 3D i-see sensor, it can customise air flow and temperature to suit a room’s inhabitants, improving comfort and saving energy. It also features a Plasma Quad Plus filter to provide clean and healthy air – find out more here.

While the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN is certainly a great choice, there are plenty of other compact wall mounted units that are worth considering too. For expert advice on the best small air conditioning units for your property and free, no-obligation quotes, get in touch with our team today.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning unit: Daikin FFA-A

Ceiling cassette units are a really popular type of air conditioner. Typically fitted in offices and other commercial spaces, they recess neatly into false and suspended ceilings.

If you want to get your hands on a compact ceiling cassette air conditioning unit, make sure you consider Daikin’s FFA-A.

Daikin FFA-A ceiling cassette air conditioning unit

Key features

  • Subtle fully flat integration into ceiling
  • Very quiet: 25-43 dBA sound pressure level
  • Super small size: H260 x W575 x D575mm

The Daikin FFA-A is one of the sleekest units of its kind. With only 8mm visible depth, it takes up very little interior space, earning its place on our list of top small air conditioning units. Visually unobtrusive and very quiet, it makes a great choice if you’re after something subtle.

Like all ceiling cassette units, you’ll need space above your ceiling to fit the FFA-A. If this isn’t possible, see our air conditioning unit types page to find out more about your other options, or take a look at our next featured unit.

Underslung ceiling air conditioning unit: Midea MUE

If a ceiling cassette isn’t an option for your property, an underslung ceiling air conditioning unit is a great alternative. Ideal for commercial offices, shops and server rooms, they’re some of the most powerful units on the market.

The Midea MUE range is a simple, neat underslung ceiling unit – another great option if you’re after a small air conditioning unit.

Midea MUE ceiling underslung air conditioning unit

Key features

  • For installation under ceiling or on the floor
  • Quiet: 34-54 dBA sound pressure level
  • Small size: from H235 x W1068 x D675mm

Another quiet, compact unit, the MUE sits directly under your ceiling at the top your wall and unobtrusively heats and cools your property. Its louver position memory and timer make it easy to set up your air conditioning the way you want it, and it has a turbo mode for speedy results.

An added benefit to the Midea MUE is that, like many ceiling suspended units, it can also be fitted as a floor mounted unit. This is great if you want to coordinate multiple unit types in your property.

If this Midea unit sounds like the right choice for you, just get in touch. We’ll give you expert advice on whether it could work for your property, or recommend a better solution if there is one. All our supply and installation quotes are free and no-obligation, so it’s completely up to you.

Floor mounted air conditioner: Daikin FVA-A

Do you have limited wall space in your property? Then you might need a floor mounted air conditioner. Useful for cooling areas like conservatories and shops, they provide efficient heating and cooling without encroaching on shelving or window space.

Another great unit from Daikin, the FVA-A range has a unique design that’s both practical and compact. Designed primarily for commercial spaces with high ceilings, it can also be used in homes and doesn’t compromise on power.

Daikin FVA-A floor mounted air conditioner

Key features

  • Tall, slim design takes up minimal floor space
  • Quiet: 38-53 dBA sound pressure level
  • Small size: from H1850 x W600 x D270mm

While most floor mounted air conditioners are wide and low, the FVA-A has a tall, slim design, making it a great choice if both floor and wall space are in short supply. Overall, this design makes it takes up considerably more space than the other units featured in this guide. But, as this is mainly due to height, Daikin’s model is still an ideal option for many people looking for a small air conditioning unit.

The Daikin FVA-A can be seriously quiet, with low sound pressure levels facilitated by variable heating, cooling and fan speed options. It also has excellent air distribution and high energy efficiency levels to boot – you can find out more here.

Ducted air conditioning unit: Hitachi RAD-PPD

Are you after a small air conditioning unit that’s quiet and barely visible? Then a ducted air conditioner could be for you. These units sit behind your walls, blowing air into your room with only the front grill visible.

The Hitachi RAD-PPD range was released as part of the manufacturer’s 2018 light commercial line. This means the unit is great for small commercial spaces like offices and shops – although it could also work well in a home too.

Hitachi RAD-PPD ducted air conditioning unit

Key features

  • Low grill height for subtle but effective climate control
  • Very quiet: 29-39 dBA sound pressure level
  • Small size: H270 x W900 x 720mm

The main distinctive feature of the RAD-PPD is its low 270mm grill height. This means that the unit is barely visible, giving you all the benefits of a subtle, small air conditioning unit. Of course, like all ducted units, you can only install it if you have sufficient space behind your walls to fit the unit.

What’s the best small air conditioning unit for you?

These are just 5 units  – there are plenty of other quality small air conditioning units to choose from. These include units from other quality manufacturers like Toshiba, Fujitsu and Panasonic – take a look at our manufacturers page for the full list.

For help choosing the best small air conditioning units for your property, simply give us a call or fill in our online form.

We’ll survey your property, listen to your needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the ideal system for your home or business. We try to give our customers multiple quotes wherever possible, so you can pick the best option for your budget.